Registration Types and Prices

There are four levels of registration, depending on which Cherubfest events you would like to attend. The following list outline what events each registration type entitles you to attend.
You also don’t have to attend everything your rego type entitles you to (e.g. Just want to come to Academic Dinner? go with Just Social rego).

Full Registration – all Cherubfest events
Just Social – Registration & Pop-up Market, SopAria,
Academic Dinner, Concert (viewing), PCP, Recovery BBQ & Easter Egg Hunt
Just Singing – Registration and Pop-up Market, Rehearsals,
Concert (singing), Post-Concert Party
Just BBQ – Recovery BBQ & Easter Egg Hunt only

Registration prices (these prices include limited MonUCS membership for the duration of Cherubfest)

Full Student/Concession
Whole Weekend $100 $75
Just Social $75 $60
Just Singing $50 $35
Just BBQ $10 $10

Registrations are now open here!

Lost? Here’s the Cherubfest 2017 Homepage